Friday, 12 September 2008

Some more stuff in the pipeline

Here are just a couple of pics, to show what i have been up to for the
last few weeks.............while no one has any actual work for me to do
I thought I would get get on and do some stuff that I have been wanting
to do for a while.

Spiderman - this is a ZBrush sculpt from ZSpheres. First time I have
tried this method so I am pretty chuffed with the way at is going. It
was all ZSpheres in the beginning, but I hated the hands so i chopped
them off and rebuilt them in Maya.

Old man - Just more time in Maya. Box modelled this head from reference
I got at Just trying to get better at Maya
really...............can't hurt i guess. I plan to UV this and then
take it into ZBrush to add the finer details. Not sure if am going to
texture it, but we will see.

Hope you like!!

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