Friday, 27 July 2007

More Randomness

The apple was part of a kind of tutorial that I followed from (bumskee is a legend) really useful as had never really done any painting before digital or otherwise so now I am trying to get some done whenever I get the chance.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Quick Change!!

Having had a bit of feedback about a piece of work that I was not overly happy with I decided to make a few changes in the small amount of spare time I have these days. The original image can be seen in the previous post..........I think it is better but still much to change.

Just some random stuff to start with.

To kick off this whole blog type thing I thought that I would just chuck down some random images that I have created. Some are work from my previous life as a "Reatil Interior Designer" and others are just pictures that I have done for no real reason at all. Will hopefully get the chance to put up some of the work that I am currently engaged in and some of the work that I have completed as part of my MA in 3D Computer much for everyone to look forward to!!

Hope this first installment is in some ways interesting...................

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

First exciting!!!

Howdy peeps,

Because my life is sooooooo interesting I thought that yu should all be able to read about it and see what i have been up to whenever the need takes you.

Hopefully, I will actually get round to putting some of the work that i have been doing up here, but for now I am going to leave you wanting............appartently that is what you tare supposed to do!!